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In the Pandemic 2 free online game you are a new strain of a dangerous virus, bacteria or parasite. It is up to you to spread throughout the world and destroy humanity. You only have 200 days before a cure is developed. By evolving enough you should be able to wipe out all of humanity. You earn points by killing humans. You can use those points to mutate into a new more powerful strains.
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A terrible new virus has been set loose on the world causing both humans and animals to mutate into all sorts of freakish monsters such as zombies and flesh eating flying beasts. You are stuck in the middle of this apocalyptic world and must try to survive as long as possible. You start out with a set of hand-made improvised weapons and can upgrade your weapons as you get your hands on some cash. You can also set traps and build various defenses to protect yourself.

This zombie game features 28 levels with an additions 2 hidden bonus levels. There are 8 different weapons you can get with over 40 upgrades. Fight off 16 different types of enemies. Earn over 30 achievements, and much more, but only if you manage to stay alive.
Resim tablosu. saçma bi oyun :)
Save the Bunny
Description: Fred the Bunny's heart has stopped beating and you'll need to quickly operate in order to save his life. Remember don't get too exited and slip or you may kill him. Can you save Fred the Bunny before it's too late?
Instructions: Please consult the online instructions from the game menu.
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Added: 7/26/2008
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