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You somehow managed to get yourself trapped inside of Dracula's Castle. You must find a way out before you are trapped there forever. Utilize whatever you find in Dracula's Castle to escape. Have fun playing this challenging Halloween puzzle game.
The World Cup is a spectacular sports event enjoyed by millions football/soccer fans all over the world. This awesome championship only occurs once out of every four years. This years event has been greatly anticipated but unfortunately a zombie plague broke out several days before the first game and there are now zombies everywhere including on the soccer field.

These evil flesh eating zombies have disrupted the games and are trying to eat everyone they can catch. You are one of the great soccer players and it is up to you to eliminate all the zombies so the games can go on and the fans can enjoy themselves. Use your only weapon (the soccer ball) to kill every last zombie on the field by kicking the ball at the zombies. Kick your way through seven challenging levels and kill the zombies before they can get you. Can you save the World Cup and make the world a happier place?
Jungle Fruits is a funny free puzzle game in which your goal is to eat groups of the same kind of fruit. Rotate blocks of four fruit until you can get four of the same. You can also use a monkey to eat a single fruit, but be careful since your supply of monkeys is limited. Your objective in this puzzle game is to clear the entire screen.
Bike Mania On Ice is a fun physics based motorbike game in which you get to take your motorbike out and get past all the obstacles if you can.
Match the Halloween mask images and earn dollars in the first part of this free online game. Then use the money you have earned to shop for Halloween dresses and accessories for dressing up the pretty girl in to go out on Haloween. The Halloween Mask Matching game is a double Halloween game featuring a memory game and a dress up game. Have fun!
The Factory Redux Game is a fun manufacturing game in which you get to manage your own factory. Make different products each day by directing the components into the right container on the assembly line using the arrow switcher lever. Once finished package them up for the stores. Make sure you don't break anything or else you'll lose money! Enjoy this free online game.
The Breach is an awesome space adventure game with great graphics and incredible gameplay. In this great game, you play as Sergei, the head of security of the G-54 spaceship and you have been sent on a very important mission. A prototype Starship called the Hermes, was sent to distant parts of the galaxy never before visited by men. Everything was going well until the ship stopped responding to communications. No one has heard from the Hermes for years and now, suddenly the ship appeared nearby, still not responding to communication attempts and not showing any signs of life.

Your mission is to board the Hermes and find out what has happened to the spaceship and it's crew. As you go aboard, you quickly discover that the crew has been turned to zombies and that you're on your own. You must now discover the secrets of the Hermes starship, fight the zombie crew, battle horrible alien creatures, collect powerful items, upgrade your character and try to survive The Breach. Enjoy playing this fantastic horror adventure game.
The Bank Robber
Description: In The Bank Robber game your mission is to rob the bank with your specialized team of bank robbers. You select the people you need for the bank job and give them the right tools to rob the bank successfully. If you are good you can leave the bank alive, f
Instructions: Use your Mouse to interact with this great free online game.
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